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You are stranded on the unexplored planet Veneris after crashing into its surface. Your spaceshuttle suddenly malfunctioned after entering Veneris atmosphere and it is up to you to repair your trusted spacevehicle and hopefully find out what went wrong in the process of doing so. Roam Veneris in search for missing parts of your ship as well as necessities such as water and food while you use your scanning device to search your surroundings for clues about whatever caused your crash.

This game was created over the course of 5 weeks as a final project for our game school.  The Team consisted of 2 artists and 1 programmer.

Install instructions

Thank you for checking out our little project Veneris!

To play the game simply unzip the files into any folder you like and start up Veneris.exe.



Veneris.rar 378 MB

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